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PZL was founded by Young Graduates experiencing frustrations in the hiring and job hunting process (we've all been there).
They were tired of Companies which had unrealistic expectations, exploited Young Professionals, or which lacked courtesy & care in their hiring process. So they started their own Agency.

At PZL, we believe in hiring right, and hiring for the long term.
This means looking past just the Job Description and understanding Company Culture* to hire correctly.

*CULTURE: taken from latin 'cultus ', which means to cultivate or promote growth.

We get behind the scenes, improving transparency in the Recruitment process, and promote beneficial change by Championing Companies with great internal cultures. Good companies recognize the importance of culture and use it to create passionate and motivated teams. Now you can do the same.



Tired of employee turnover?
Fed up of paying huge amounts to recruiters?

By advertising with Culture in mind, we ensure prospective candidates completely understand the role, and the organization they are joining. Meaning not only do you get a passionate workforce, but also young professionals whom are likely to stick around for the long term.


We understand what it's like to be job hunting as a Young Professional, so at PZL we make the process as easy as possible. We go beyond the job description, and explore the work environment and culture of our employers ensuring our candidates understand the employer as well as the position.

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